Dr. Rajesh Swarnakar

A message to all from our
Hon. Secretary

The Indian Chest Society (ICS) is a not for profit registered society with the Society of Registrars (Registration No. 192-1980, dated 18th July 1980), for Respiratory/Pulmonary Physicians and other Physicians with interest in the specialty of Respiratory Medicine. A committee of eminent Chest Physicians, who were also the founding members\ took up the task to prepare the constitution of the society. The first General Body Meeting was held on 11th September 1981 at Hotel President, Mumbai, and the Constitution was adopted.

We have a strategic partnership of dual membership with European Respiratory Society(ERS) giving our members of Indian Chest Society access to their education resources, journals and various other academic activities. I also envisage role of Indian Chest Society as an advocacy body to partner with the government when making policies concerning our speciality. For this we need to collect robust data on various aspects of Respiratory ailments afflicting our population.ICS ILD Registry was one such effort which won accolades even on international conferences and was published in our reputed Blue Journal. We are continuing our efforts to collect our own Indian data on Asthma, COPD, and Aspergillosis, to gauge burden respiratory diseases in our OPDs and many more such data collection studies in years to come. I invite all of you from various parts of India to join this monumental work by enrolling yourself as investigators in these studies to make it more geographical representative. Adding to these efforts is our official indexed Journal “ Lung India “, making progressive strides and maintaining its Scimago ranking for years being led by its glorious editors in the past and present.

We understand our responsibilities of guiding our members and Indian Doctors on best evidence based practices in diagnosing and treating various diseases with our own India specific National Guidelines. So far we have done it for Asthma, COPD, Pneumonia, Spirometry and others on the anvil are on ILD, Brochoscopy and many more. I feel that any society should connect to the common person of this country and its efforts with benefit should percolate down to the poorest of the poor. I am aware that our society members are continuously holding free education, diagnostic and treatment camps all over India for people at large. Please do send the reports of those social activities done to let us publish on website. We also have a Public Forum website containing article/content to help our patients and other health care givers to make them understand/educate them about various aspect of respiratory health. ICS will encourage participation by fresh faces without forgetting the experienced being guided by them to achieve our glorious future. For better communication with you all members we are starting “Respire – Life at ICS “ a quarterly newsletter to have a sneak peek into the latest happenings at ICS .

I feel proud to announce the new E-Voting system which will be held next year on our newly created website. The E-Voting will provide a new and hassle free way to vote for your favourite candidates directly from the website itself and this feature will be available to all the life members of the society.

Indian culture is a heritage of traditions and values and ICS is no exception to it. The new logo is the symbol of our rich culture being deep-rooted in our society just like a tree. All members of our society are like branches to the tree which are grounded within our culture and committed to serve their patients and the society to the best of their potential. Thus we strive to keep our society and the country in the pink of their health . The letter “I” in the Indian chest Society (ICS) hence symbolizes a “dot” or a “bindi” which is sacred to the Indian culture and values. We are proud of our culture and its values which make us strong and keep us motivated to offer our best with each coming day. Cheers to ICS!!

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