In these Rules, unless the context otherwise requires:-

(a)  “The Society” shall mean the “Indian Chest Society”;

(b)  “Year” shall mean the period from one Annual General Body Meeting to the next Annual General Body meeting.

(c) Words importing the masculine gender shall include feminine gender and the words importing the singular shall include the plural.


The membership of the Society shall be of the following categories:-

(i)   Honorary Membership: The Governing Body may at its sole discretion nominate as Honorary Members, renowned experts/scientists in any branch of science who may otherwise not be eligible for Life Membership, on account of their service to the cause of Respiratory Medicine (Clinical or Basic sciences). These individuals should have a degree equivalent to MD or PhD. The selection shall be on the basis of a unanimous vote of the Governing Body.

(ii)  Life Membership: An individual, who is eligible to be admitted as a Member, may on one-time payment of the prescribed fee become a Life member. Individuals residing overseas, who fulfill the eligibility criteria may also be admitted as Life members on payment of the stipulated fee.

Eligibility for Life Membership

A person who has obtained:

(i) DM, MD, DNB or Diploma in Respiratory diseases/Pulmonary Medicine/TB & Chest diseases or equivalent

(ii) MD or DNB in Internal Medicine with interest in Respiratory diseases.

(iii) MD or DNB in Pediatrics.

(iv) MCh in Cardiothoracic Surgery or DNB in   Thoracic Surgery.

Note:   All the above Degrees and Diplomas should be recognized by the Medical council of India (MCI) or from Institutes of National importance, created under the Act of the Parliament (e.g. AIIMS, PGI, Chandigarh etc.)

(iii) Associate Life Members:

An individual, who is eligible to be admitted as an Associate Life Member, may on a one-time payment of membership fees as decided by the Governing Body (of the Society) from time to time.  Membership is also open to eligible individuals residing outside India.

Eligibility for Associate life Membership:

The following individuals could apply for Associate Life membership:

(i)  Those who have an MBBS Degree and are Postgraduate students in any branch of Medicine or Surgery.

(ii) Those who hold a P.G. Degree or Diploma in any Branch of Medicine or Surgery and are not eligible for full membership.

Note:   All the above Medical Degrees and Diplomas should be recognized by the Medical council of India (MCI) or from Institutes of National importance, created under an Act of the Parliament (eg.AIIMS, PGI Chandigarh etc.).

(iv) Affiliate Life Membership: An individual, who is eligible to be admitted as an Affiliate Life Member, may on one time payment of the prescribed fee become an Affiliate life member.   Individuals residing overseas, who fulfill the eligibility criteria may also be admitted as Life members on payment of the stipulated fee.

Eligibility for Affiliate Life membership:

The following individuals could apply for Affiliate Life membership:

(i)   Those who have an Allied Health Science degree B.Sc, M.Sc or at least a 2 year diploma in Respiratory therapy/technology or Critical care therapy/ technology.

(ii)  Those who have a Allied Health Science B.Sc, M.Sc or at least a 2 year diploma in Nursing or other Allied Science programmes such as Physiotherapy, Pharmacy, Nutrition etc. who specialize or have an interest in Respiratory healthcare.

(iii) Those whose work predominantly involves Respiratory healthcare and have worked in this capacity for at least 3 years, under a Life member of the ICS, who can attest the work experience.

(iv) Respiratory Scientists with a Ph.D. in any branch of science.

Note:   All the above degrees or diplomas should be from Medical colleges recognized by the Medical council of India (MCI) or from Institutes of National importance, created under an Act of the Parliament (eg. AIIMS, PGI, Chandigarh etc.). PhD should have been awarded by a university recognized by the UGC.

The applications of those with training not falling in the above category and those who apply by virtue of work experience will be subjected to a credentialing process by the Governing Body.


The Annual cycle of the Society shall commence from one Annual General Body Meeting and end at the next Annual General Body Meeting.


Every Application for membership (Life and Associate Life membership) shall be accompanied by the stipulated membership fee and the documents substantiating the appropriate qualification. Such application shall be considered by the Governing Body who may accept, reject or seek clarification when necessary. The decision of the Governing Body will be final.


A Membership Registry/Database shall be maintained by the Society, which shall include the Names, Addresses, Qualifications, Dates of Birth, Mobile Numbers and Email Addresses of the Members. The changes to these records shall be permitted as and when requested, with due verification process.


A Member wishing to resign his membership shall inform the Secretary in writing. The Secretary shall in turn inform the Governing Body specifying the reasons for the resignation. No refund of membership fee shall be made.


(a)   The Governing Body by a 3/4th(three-fourths) majority of the voting members of the Governing Body, may revoke the membership of any member for the following reasons:

(i) Gross misconduct confirmed after due enquiry, and providing the concerned Member an opportunity to defend his/her case.

(ii) If the documents submitted towards consideration for Membership/Election nomination etc. are found not to be falsified.

(iii) If the member is found guilty of involvement in  anti-national activities or in  activities that may defame the society, after due enquiry, and providing the concerned member the opportunity to defend his case.

(b) Any person who has ceased to be a member of the Society may be re-admitted on such terms as the Governing Body may stipulate. Such persons are required to pay a fresh Membership fee.


All Members shall have the right to participate in the activities of the Society, as appropriate. However the Honorary, Associate & Affiliate Life Members shall have no right to participate in voting, to propose or second nominations or stand for any office of the Governing Body of the Society.



The Governing Body of the Society shall consist of following:

(i)     The President;

(ii)    The President-elect, who automatically assumes the office of the President after expiry of the tenure of the current incumbent;

(iii)   The Immediate Past President;

(iv)   The Vice-President;

(v)    The Secretary;

(vi)   The Immediate past Secretary (for 1 year after demitting office)

(vii) The Treasurer;

viii) The Immediate past Treasurer (for 1 year after demitting office)

(ix)   Members of the Governing Body (Six in number);

(x) Zonal Chairpersons (Four in number)   representing the 4 zones- East, West, North and South.


 (i)The president with the permission of the Governing Body may co-opt members to fulfill specific needs from among the members of the Society. They shall attend the Governing Body meeting/meetings on invitation. Their tenure shall normally not exceed 1 year

(ii)    Chief Editor of Lung India shall be a co-opted member as long as he/she holds the editorship, and shall attend all GB meetings.

(iii) The organizing Chairman/Secretary of the National conference of the Society (NAPCON) shall be a co-opted member and shall be invited to attend all GB meetings from preceding NAPCON, up to the NAPCON of the following year (2 year period), to enable him to report the NAPCON preparation before the conference and after the conference to settle accounts and hand over to the Governing Body.

The co-opted members shall have no voting rights.


(i) The President and the Vice-President, the Immediate past Secretary and Treasurer shall    hold office for one year;

(ii) The Secretary and the Treasurer shall hold office for three years;

(iii) The Members & Zonal Chairpersons shall hold Office for two years;

(iv) Chief Editor of Lung India once selected/elected by the Governing Body will hold office for three years. The Rest of the members of the Editorial Board shall be selected by the Chief Editor in consultation with the Governing Body.

(v) The retiring members, except the President shall be eligible for re-election to governing body posts, as per eligibility.


Those desiring to contest for the posts of President elect, Secretary and Treasurer, should have been elected members of the Governing Body for at least two tenures of Office;

Those contesting for the post of President Elect, should in addition have been awarded Fellowship of the Indian Chest Society;

For all posts of the Governing Body, the contestants should have been members of the Society for at least five continuous years and should have attended at least 1 Annual General Body meeting in the preceding 3 Yrs;

Those contesting for the post of Zonal Chairperson should be domiciled in any of the states within the respective zones;

Re-election to posts:

No member shall be eligible to seek Election/Selection:

(a)   as President Elect for more than one tenure of one year;

(b)  as Vice-President for more than two tenures of one year each;

(c) as Secretary or Treasurer for more than two tenures, of three years each;

(d)  as a Governing Body member for more than two tenures of two years each;

(e) as Zonal Chairperson for more than two tenures of two years each;

A person who has held the post of the President will not be eligible to contest in any subsequent elections for posts in the Governing Body.


Barring the President, Immediate Past-President, Immediate Past Secretary, Immediate past Treasurer

who automatically take up their posts and the co-opted Members, the other posts need to be filled through the election process. The election procedure shall be as follows:

(a) The immediate Past President shall be the Returning Officer for the elections;

(b)  A suitable date and timeline for the election shall be decided by the Governing Body and the election process should end on or before 31th August every year;

(c) The Secretary shall send a mail electronically, to all the members of the Society, listing the vacancies in the Governing Body, inviting nomination for these vacancies;

(d) A member desirous of contesting in the election shall ascertain his/her eligibility before sending in the Nomination Paper, duly proposed by a Life member of the Society and seconded by another. By filing the nomination, the contestant commits his willingness to stand for election and to serve on the Governing Body, if elected. The following details should be filled on the form: Candidate’s name, postal address, e-mail, land and mobile phone numbers, date of birth, the post for which the candidate is nominated, details of previous posts held in the governing Body, with the period and duration and a declaration that he/she is eligible for the post contested for (to the best of his/her knowledge);

(e) Contesting members should not hold a governing Body post in another National Society Respiratory Society with similar objectives (e.g. National College of Chest Physicians), during his tenure, to avoid conflict of interest. If anyone contesting is found to be in holding such a post, he/she shall be summarily disqualified. Governing Body members taking up office should provide an undertaking to this effect. If this information is known after they have been elected to office, they would be asked to step down and nominations would be called to fill their post in the following election, regardless of the duration of their tenure. In this matter, the decision of the Governing Body shall be final;

(f) A contestant may contest for more than one post during an election. However when the provisional list of valid nominations is declared, he/she is expected to withdraw all but one of the valid nominations before the stipulated date(see clause k below), failing which all nominations submitted by him/her shall be deemed invalid;

(g) Also, a member cannot propose or second more than one contestant’s nomination, however they may propose or second the same contestant for multiple posts;

(h) There should be a separate nomination paper for each post that a member proposes to contest.  These nominations must reach the Secretary before the deadline for receiving nominations. Incomplete nomination forms, nominations received after the deadline and from ineligible candidates shall be summarily disqualified;

(i) The contestants filing nominations for the election will be required to pay an ‘Election Fee’ as stipulated by the Governing Body for each of the nominations they submit;

(j) The Secretary shall send to the voting members of the Society, a list of all the valid nominations for the vacant posts, electronically;

(k) If any Candidate wishes to withdraw his/her nomination, he/she shall do so by informing the Secretary in writing or by email on or before the stipulated date. There shall be no refund of nomination fee;

(l) If there is only a single nomination for a vacant post, the candidate would be deemed elected unopposed and there will be no voting for that post;

(m) The process of the election shall be conducted electronically. The agency conducting the electronic voting shall be decided by the returning officer in consultation with the Governing Body;

The Elected Officer Bearers shall begin their tenure in the following annual General Body meeting and will continue till the expiry of their respective tenures, at a subsequent Annual General Body meeting.


Any Office-bearer may resign his Office by giving Notice in writing or electronically to the President and his resignation shall take effect from the date of its acceptance by the Governing Body.

Any Office-bearer who ceases to be a Life Member shall be deemed to have vacated his office.

If any post falls vacant due to the resignation/death/serious illnesses/social situations that render them incapable of fulfilling their duties or due to the non-receipt of eligible nominations, the Governing Body shall have the power to appoint an other Governing Body member to fulfill his/her role or a Life member to fill the vacancy till the next election, when the post shall be filled.


General Body: The President shall preside over all the Meetings of the Governing Body and General Body. If the President is not present, the Vice-President, or in his absence a Governing Body member he has nominated, and if not, the senior most Governing Body member present (number of years served as Governing Body member), may preside over the Meetings.

Governing Body Meetings:

(a) The Governing Body shall meet at such times and places as may be necessary for the transaction of the business of the Society;

(b) At least 3 Governing Body Meetings excluding the two meetings held before and after the AGM need to be held every year;

(c) A Meeting of the Governing Body shall be convened by the Secretary with the approval of the President;

(d) The Secretary shall convene a Special Meeting of the Governing Body upon a requisition in writing signed by not less than ten voting members of the Governing Body.

(e)  At least three (3) weeks prior notice should be given to all the members of the Governing Body for a regular or a special Meeting of the Governing Body. An Emergency Meeting may be called by the President at a shorter notice which should not be less than seven (7) days;

(f) Ten members of the Governing Body shall be the quorum for any Meeting of the Governing Body. If there is no quorum within fifteen minutes after the   appointed time, the Meeting, if convened upon the requisition of members, shall stand dissolved. For regular meetings however, the meeting will reconvene after half an hour adjournment at the same place and on the same day.

(f) For such a meeting that has reconvened after adjournment, no quorum will be necessary and the meeting shall proceed and cover all agenda items stipulated for the meeting.

(g) Every decision taken at the Meeting of the Governing Body shall be by consensus, failing which it shall be by vote. All Governing Body members with voting rights who are present in the meeting shall have the right to vote. If the votes cast are equal, the person presiding over the meeting shall have a second or casting vote in addition to his vote as a member.

(h) In case of emergencies and when urgent decisions have to be made, any business of the Governing Body may be carried out electronically by email communications and decisions may be taken.


(a)  The Annual General Body Meeting of the Society shall be held during the National conference(NAPCON) every year.

(b)  The Secretary shall submit an Annual Report on the activities of the Society. Statement of the accounts and annual audited report shall be presented by the Treasurer of the Society.

(c)   The President may, whenever he thinks fit, or upon a Requisition made in writing and signed by not less than 20%members of the Society, convene a Special General Body Meeting at such place and time as he may decide, within two months of receipt of the requisition. Any Requisition made by the members shall be addressed to the Secretary and shall state the Objects of the requested Special meeting and the Resolutions proposed to be passed thereon. The Hon. The Secretary shall, upon receipts of such a Requisition, proceed to convene the meeting under the direction of the President.

(e)  At all General Body Meetings, only the business of which notice has been given or matters that naturally arise thereon shall be discussed. Any    member desiring to move a Resolution at the Annual      General Body Meeting shall give notice of the same in writing to the Hon. Secretary at least fifteen days before the stipulated date of the meeting;

(f) The quorum for the General Body Meeting shall be fifty(50)

(g) If within fifteen minutes from the time appointed for a General Body Meeting there is no quorum, the Meeting if convened on the Requisition of members   shall stand dissolved. In the case of Regular General Body meetings, it shall be adjourned for half an hour and will reconvene on the same day and at the same place. After reconvening, the business for which the meeting was called, can be transacted.

(h) The person presiding over the General Body Meeting may adjourn the same from time to time and from place to place; but no business shall be transacted at any adjourned Meeting other than the business left unfinished at the Meeting from which the adjournment took place.

(i)  No quorum shall be necessary for any adjourned General Body Meeting.

(j)  All resolutions need to be proposed and seconded by a General Body member. Any decision that does not have a consensus opinion of the house should be resolved by vote. All Life members who are present in the meeting have voting rights. If the votes cast are equal, the person presiding who shall normally not vote shall exercise his casting vote.

(h) The Resolutions passed in a General Body Meeting shall be implemented by the Governing Body of the Society after the minutes of the General Body meeting is approved.


The Management of the Society shall rest with the Governing Body, who, in addition to the powers under these Rules expressly conferred upon them, may exercise all such powers, and do all such acts and deeds as may need to be exercised or carried out to fulfill the mission and the objectives of the Society, to the extent that these actions are not against the decisions made at the General Body Meeting of the Society or prohibited by law.

Without prejudice to the general powers hereby conferred, the Governing Body shall have the         following powers:

(i) To acquire by purchase, lease or otherwise for the Society, any property, rights, or privileges, which the Society is authorized to acquire at such price and generally on such terms and conditions as they may think fit.

(ii) To enter into all such negotiations and contracts and rescind and vary all such contracts and execute and do all such acts, deeds and things, in the name and on behalf of the Society, as they may consider expedient for or in relation to any of the properties, rights and privileges or the purpose of the Society.

(iii) To borrow or secure the payment of any sums of money for the purposes of the Society, subject to such restrictions as may be imposed by the Society in a General Body Meeting.

(iv)  To institute, conduct, defend, compound or abandon any legal proceedings by or against the Society or otherwise concerning the affairs of the Society and to compound and allow time for the payment of satisfaction of any debts due and of any claims or demands by or against the Society.

(v)   To refer any claims or demands by or against the Society to Arbitration and observe and perform the Awards.

(vi)  To receive money and upon payment, to make and  give Receipts, releases and other discharges for money payable to the Society and for the Society and for the claims and demands of the Society.

(vii) To receive donations and all and any other sums of money and all and any other materials, articles and things due to or intended for the Society. If however, any donation is conditional, the same shall be accepted subject to restrictions imposed by the General Body.

(viii) Subject to any restrictions that may be imposed by the General Body, to incur all the necessary expenses for the maintenance and carrying out of the objects and intentions of these Rules and Memorandum of the Society.

(ix)  to conduct courses for the promotion of knowledge of Chest Diseases and for that purpose, to arrange lectures, classes, examinations and give Diplomas or Certificates and for that purpose, to appoint one or more persons, whether members or not, to give lectures, tuitions etc. and also to constitute Board of Examiners, Teachers, etc. whenever necessary and to pay them reasonable salary or honorarium.

(x) To appoint and at their discretion to remove or suspend such managers, clerks, agents and servants for permanent, temporary or special services as they may from time to time think fit, and to determine their powers and duties and fix their salaries, honorarium or emoluments and to require security in such instances and of such amounts as they may think fit.

(xi) To appoint Committees with power to reconstitute or dissolve the same and to delegate, subject to such    conditions as they may impose, any of their powers  to such committees or such member or members of their body as they may think fit and to revoke from time to time, such delegation.

(xii) To nominate from time to time, a Chairman and a Secretary from amongst the members of such a committee. The Chairman will preside at such Committee Meetings and the Secretary shall be responsible for convening, keeping accurate minutes and forwarding the Reports of these Committees to the Governing Body.

(xiii) To make, vary and repeal bye-laws for the regulation of the business of the Society, its Officers; Managers, Clerks, Agents and Servants.

For better functioning, the Society may set up State Chapters and City Forums which may function as per Rules and Guidelines given by the Governing Body. The Past President of the Indian Chest Society shall be Patrons in their respective State Chapters for 5 years.

(a) The Property moveable or immovable belonging to the Society shall vest in the Governing Body.

(b) No sale, exchange, mortgage, lease or other forms of transfer of immovable Property belonging to the Society shall be valid unless at least the President or the Vice-President, and the Hon. The Secretary or the Treasurer executes the Document of Transfer. All the  other Documents shall be executed by any two of the Office-Bearers, as may be decided by the Governing Body.

(a) All moneys of the Society shall be deposited and/or invested:

(i) In a Nationalized Bank or any other Banks, if directed by the Governing Body.

(ii)  In Government and other negotiable Trustee Securities or in any other mode including mutual funds permitted under the   Act or in accordance with the administrative Orders of the Government from time to time.

(b)  All the accounts and other investments in the name of the Society shall be operated by any two from amongst the President, the Secretary, and the Treasurer authorized for the purpose, each document being signed by any two of them.


(a) President – The President shall guide the activities of the Society and further the aims and objectives of the Society. The President may allocate all or any of his powers and duties under this or any other clause of these Rules to the Vice-President and the Secretary.

(b)  Vice President – He will act according to the duties assigned by the President and help the President in his efforts to further the aims and objectives of the Society.

(c)   Secretary – Subject to the control and regulation of the Governing Body, the Hon. The Secretary shall be responsible for carrying out the directions and decisions of the Governing Body. In particular, the Hon. Secretary shall:

(i)      In consultation with the President, convene Meetings of the Governing Body whenever necessary or when called upon to do so.

(ii)    Have administrative control over all the affairs of the Society.

(iii)   Have charge of the correspondence of, or in relation to the Society.

(iv)    Keep accurate minutes of all the Meetings of the Society and the Governing Body and circulate it to the respective members at least 2 weeks prior to the subsequent meetings.

(v)     Prepare the Annual Report of the Society.

(vi)    Be in charge of the furniture, library and all the documents and other assets of the Society.

(vii)  Perform such other duties as are incidental to his office.

(viii) All Notices, communications, letters, memoranda, and other papers whether they are acts of the Governing Body or of the General Body shall be signed or authenticated by the  Secretary and when so signed or authenticated shall be conclusive.

(ix)    The Secretary shall maintain his office at a location that is convenient to him, with the consent of the President.

(d)    Treasurer – The Treasurer shall –

(i) Maintain true accounts of the funds and other assets of the Society and of funds and other assets connected with or in any way controlled by the Society.

(ii) Collect all the dues of the Society and credit all such amounts into the Banking Account of the Society and inform the Hon. Secretary once or twice every month of the money so received and paid.

(iii) Make disbursements, and maintain vouchers, provided that the expenditure is incurred after obtaining the sanction of the Governing Body.


At least once a year, the accounts of the Society shall be examined and audited and their correctness ascertained by one or more Registered Accountants appointed for the ensuing year by the Governing Body. The Report of the Auditor or Auditors shall form part of the Annual Report submitted in the Annual General Body meeting every year.


The Society may publish a Journal, books, pamphlets or any other publications under the general directions of the Governing Body.

The Journal “Lung India” shall be published under the direction of an Editorial Board, consisting of a Chief Editor, Editors, Assistant Editors and Section Editor.

The Chief Editor shall hold the Office for three years and other editorial board members shall hold office for two years. They may hold these positions for a maximum of two tenures only.

The Board shall work under the general control and supervision of the Governing Body and shall submit reports in the Governing body meetings.

Any vacancies on the Board by resignation or otherwise shall be filled by the Chief Editor with information to the Governing Body. In case of resignation of the Chief Editor, the vacancy shall be filled by the Governing Body at the next Governing body meeting, as per the bye-laws of the Society.


Call for applications for the position of Chief Editor of the Lung India journal shall be made a year before completion of the term of the incumbent editor;

The eligibility criteria to apply for the post shall be as follows:

(i)   A total of at least 50 publications in Pubmed indexed journals of which at least 10 should have been original research articles as first or Corresponding/Senior author;

(ii)  Experience as Editorial Board member of International and/or National Journals;

(iii) Experience as expert reviewer in National and/or International journals.

Applicants shall submit a detailed CV, which would be scrutinized by a credentials committee set up by the President to screen the applications. The Chief Editor shall be elected by the generaL as Chief Editor for not more than two tenures of three years each.

If there are more than one eligible candidates, the governing body may select the Chief Editor by vote(secret ballot), normally at the GB meeting preceding the Annual General body meeting

The Chief Editor shall hold a maximum of 2 tenures of 3 years each


The Society shall maintain an official web site. The website shall contain all the data and activities of the Society. The website shall be updated regularly. The Governing Body shall appoint a website editor from among the Governing Body members or Life members of the Society. The term of the web site editor shall be for a maximum two tenures of two years each. By the consent of the Governing Body, the Society may have other websites as required for the fulfillment of the objectives of the Society. The Governing Body may appoint an Agency for the maintenance of its websites.


The Society shall award this fellowship for deserving members based on their accomplishments as per laid down criteria. The award will normally be presented at the Annual General Body meeting. The recipient of the Fellowship may use ‘FICS’ as a part of his credentials.  The Governing Body shall constitute a Credential Committee of minimum of three members, preferably Fellows to select the candidates for the Fellowship. The tenure of the committee members shall be 3 years. Only one member of the committee shall be replaced every year by the governing body, to ensure continuity.


(i)      The Secretary shall invite applications for the Fellowship by electronic means, with a specified dead-line for submission as decided by the Governing Body;

(ii)     Those desirous of applying for the Fellowship shall apply to the Secretary with a copy of their Bio-data, providing details of all their academic achievements and contributions to the Society;

(iii)    The Secretary shall forward the applications to the Credential committee;

(iv)    The Credential committee shall scrutinize the application and give scores to the applications as per the format approved by the Governing Body;

(v)     The Credential committee shall then submit all the applications with their respective scores to the Governing Body;

(vi)    The Governing Body shall award the Fellowship to the appropriate candidates based on the scores given by the credential committee.


The Governing Body will adopt a Seal for being used as the Seal of the Society and shall provide for its safe custody thereof. The Seal of the Society shall not be affixed to any instrument except by the authority of a Resolution of the Governing Body and in the presence of any two Members of the Governing Body, who should affix their signatures to the same.


These Rules and Regulations may from time to time, be amended, altered or cancelled at a General Body Meeting of the Society provided that at least fourteen (14) days clear Notice of the proposed amendment, alteration, addition or omission is given and the same shall have been passed by a Majority of two-thirds of the members present at the Meeting and voting.


Every Office-Bearer and member of the Governing Body or servant of the Society or any person employed by the Society permanently or temporarily shall be indemnified by the Society, and it shall be the duty of the Governing Body to pay out of the funds of the Society all the costs, losses, and expenses which any such Office-bearer or Member of the Committee or Servant, may incur or become liable to by reason of any Contract, Matter or thing entered into or done by him in discharge of his duty, as long as due processes have been followed.


The Society may sue or be sued in the name of the Secretary. The jurisdiction of the law suits may be within the city, where the headquarters is located at any given time.


In the event of the dissolution of the Society its properties and funds shall be disposed of according to the provisions of the Societies Registration Act, 1860 or any statutory modification or enactment thereof.

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