HERMES 3.0 in India

Note: Exam payment should ONLY be done after successful confirmation of registration of Exam from the ERS. If you pay without confirmation ICS and ERS shall not be responsible

Pls note before registering:

For Prep Course and self-assessment

Registration for the Preparatory Exam and Online self-assessments shall be on the ICS website only. Payment needs to be made on the ICS WEBSITE. The last day to register is 20th Aug 2022

For Prep Course and self-assessment

Registrations for the main HERMES Exam shall be on the ERS website only.
For the HERMES Exam in Kolkata once your registration is successful and you are acknowledged from the ERS. Then ICS shall be informed and you will pay for the Exam by the link sent to you by ICS.

HERMES Preparatory Course Delhi
(EURO 330): INR 27,000/-
Preparatory Course – 29th & 30th October 2022, Venue: VPCI, Delhi
ONLINE Self – Assessment Exam
(MOC Exam) (EURO 70): INR 6,000/-
Self Assessment Online Exam – 11th December 2022
HERMES Exam Kolkata
(EURO 350): INR 29,000/-
18th December 2022, Venue: BBCC, Kolkata
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