The advancements in research have brought about a paradigm shift in the field of medical sciences. Gone are the days when there were just a couple of known specialities. Today, there is a speciality in every possible field such as dermatology, gastroenterology, cardiology etc. One such specialised field is Respiratory medicine. The ERS-European Respiratory Society is a prestigious organisation and one of the largest and leading organisations in Europe in the field of Respiratory medicine. Various scientists, clinicians, allied healthcare professionals and other experts from over 160 countries around the world have ERS membership.

The Main Objectives Of The European Respiratory Society Are As Follows:

  • To prioritize science and promote advancements in the field of clinical trials and research.
  • To promote scientific education.
  • Promotion of topics related to lung health.
  • To help reduce or alleviate the pain and suffering of patients suffering from lung health disorders through various diagnostic and treatment modalities.
  • Setting protocols and standards of treatment for the treatment of respiratory disorders globally.
  • Hosting various conferences such as ERS International Congress, and the Adult Cystic Fibrosis conference to name a few.
  • They also host seminars, training workshops, symposiums, courses, webinars and a PG week for Post Graduate medical students.
  • They have an ERS Respiratory channel and an industry channel.
  • They play an active role in the scientific study and research of various diseases such as Airway Disorders, Pulmonary Vascular Diseases, Thoracic Oncology, Paediatric Respiratory Diseases and other Respiratory Infections.
  • They have a Research Seminar Application Programme, Fellowship Programme and clinical research collaborations.

ERS Committees:

It has various committees such as the Executive council, Education Council, Science Council and Advocacy Council. It also has fourteen ERS Assemblies which deal with Respiratory Clinical Care and Physiology, Respiratory Intensive Care, Epidemiology and Environment, Sleep Disorders, Airway diseases such as Asthma, Chronic cough and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder (COPD) There is also an ERS Ethics and Integrity Committee which specifically deals with issues related to ethics and integrity in the field of medicine.

ERS Membership Fees

  • As mentioned previously, various scientists, clinicians, and allied healthcare professionals are members of this highly esteemed organisation.
  • The ERS elections are held annually.
  • One of the biggest ERS benefits is that the members have an opportunity to voice their opinions about future leaders of the society.
  • It comprises over 3500 respiratory clinicians across 160 countries all around the world.
  • The members are central to society.
  • These members play an active role in setting up an agenda for ERS activities conducted all over the globe.

170 EUR/year

*(Dual Membership With ATS/APSR/EAACI/ESPR/ESCMID)

145 EUR/year

(GDP Between USD 10,000 AND 20,000)

170 EUR/year

(GDP < 10,000 USD)

50 EUR/year

Benefits Of ERS:


  • The membership provides discounted access to the European Respiratory Society International Congress which is the largest Respiratory medicine meeting in the world.
  • It provides online access to a wide range of publications covering a large spectrum of respiratory topics.
  • It provides funding opportunities for research and attendance of conferences.
  • There is an opportunity to apply for the prestigious title ‘Fellow of ERS’ (FERS)


  • It gives you free access to online material to enhance your knowledge.
  • It provides reduced rates for training courses to network and learn from stalwarts in the field of Respiratory Medicine.
  • It gives access to harmonised qualifications through the HERMES initiative.


  • It provides a great platform for sharing public health policies.
  • Access to patient network to incorporate the patient voice in your work and patient resources that can be used in the clinic.
  • It gives access to harmonised qualifications through the HERMES initiative.
The European Respiratory Society is a highly esteemed organisation and being a fellow member of such a highly acclaimed organisation is indeed a matter of prestige and honour. With a membership spanning over 160 countries, the access to the knowledge that can be gained from various senior and eminent clinicians is noteworthy. Just like the ERS, the Indian Chest Society (ICS) is a leading organisation of chest physicians, pulmonologists, physicians with an interest in Respiratory medicine, diploma holders in Respiratory Medicine as well as MD and DM specialists in India. The ICS too is a great learning and networking platform for Post Graduate medical students, clinicians, physicians etc. Membership of the Indian Chest Society is also considered to be prestigious. If you are a member of the Indian Chest Society, you can avail a complimentary membership of the European Respiratory Society which is one of its biggest membership benefits.
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