There have been so many advancements in the medical field today. From state-of-the-art medical equipment to life-saving drugs, research and development in the medical sector has been exemplary. However, the core of this system is formed by doctors who work relentlessly round the clock to deliver the best medical and healthcare facilities to their patients with utmost care. They play a vital role in the alleviation of their pain and suffering and form an indispensable part of this system. Indian Chest Society is one such Doctor Association which comprises of eminent chest physicians and physician interested in the field of Respiratory medicine. The overall goal of such an organisation is the welfare and upliftment of doctors and patients.

What Is The Doctor Association Of India?

An organisation like ICS has registered medical practitioners such as chest physicians, physicians interested in the field of Respiratory medicine as well as super speciality doctors such as MD as well as diploma holders in Respiratory medicine. All these members have a registration number and license to practice medicine. Medical students and interns too are a part of such organisations. This association works at various levels such as regional, local, state, and national as well as it represents India internationally at various global medical forums. They have office bearers such as a President, Secretary, Treasurer etc. These office bearers are elected by the members themselves. To become a member of such a Doctors Association in India, a doctor or a PG medical student has to provide a copy of their degree certificate and registration number. The Indian Chest Society offers two types of memberships: Life membership and Associate membership which come with different eligibility criteria. This association provides the facility of life membership in which the doctors can make a one-time payment and become life members. Many famous medical practitioners are also conferred with an Honorary membership. This organisation also has a certain set of rules and regulations for its members and the governing body ensures that the rules are followed for the organisation’s smooth operation. The tenure for elected members is usually one year and a vision, mission and a common objective.
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List Of Doctors’ Association In India

The Indian Medical Association is the main organisation for doctors and most of the medical practitioners are a part of this prestigious association. However, there are also other organisations which are formed at a local or state level and are named as per the state or area such as the Association of Physicians of Ahmedabad. The classification is also based on the specialities and super specialities of medical practitioners such as the CSI- Cardiological Society of India.

Here is a list of such associations:

  • MCI- Medical Council of India
  • IMA-Indian Medical Association
  • API-Association of Physicians of India
  • AGOI-Association of Gynaecological Oncologists of India
  • Association of Healthcare Providers of India
  • Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons of India
  • Association of Private Dental and Medical Colleges
  • Ayurvedic Medical Association of India
  • Cardiological Society of Bengal
  • Arunachal Pradesh Doctors Association
  • Delhi Bharatiya Chikitsa Parishad
  • General Practitioners Association
  • DCI-Dental Council of India.

What Is The Role Of The Indian Doctors Association?

  • The association has members right from Medical students to established senior practitioners. It, therefore, offers a great learning platform for medical students to learn new techniques. The eminent practitioners share their knowledge and expertise on the recent advancements related to new medicines, medical equipment, and surgical and diagnostic techniques.
  • It helps in networking and acts as a platform where various grievances of the medical practitioners are put forth and solutions are discussed.
  • They play an active role in organising conferences, seminars, training programmes, lectures, workshops etc. where medical practitioners can gain insights into the recent progress happening in the medical sector. Various national and international speakers are invited to such conferences where they can impart their knowledge and skills to other practitioners.
  • Views are taken on newer drugs and diagnostic techniques and are shared. Any shortcomings or improvements are also suggested on the same.
  • It caters to the upliftment of doctors as well as patients by and large.
  • It provides legal protection to doctors against abuse.
  • It also looks over cases of medical negligence.
  • It has laid down a strict Code of Ethics for practising medicine and takes stringent action against the illegal practitioner.
  • It plays a vital role in regulating the medical curriculum.
  • It aims at creating awareness among the general public regarding the importance of practices such as hand hygiene which was seen during the pandemic. It organises blood donation camps too.
  • They create awareness about various diseases such as AIDS, Tuberculosis by advertising through social media and other electronic media, banners, posters, radio etc.
  • It plays an active role in creating awareness regarding the ill effects of tobacco chewing and smoking through posters and advertisements often screened in theatres and on television.
  • Medical waste disposal is an important part and has to be carefully disposed of to avoid its harmful effects on the general public and the environment.
  • The organisation of medical health check-up programs and vaccination programmes are done from the rural level to the national level.
Doctors’ Associations in India like Indian Chest Society, play a vital role in the smooth functioning of medical services as well as safeguarding the rights of doctors. They also strive hard to improve the health of the general public through various healthcare policies and awareness campaigns.
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